Experimental Bio/American Association For Anatomists Presentation 2014 #xbio #anatomy14

Mary Canady’s EB2014 Presentation: PDF, YouTube

Charles Darwin’s Social Network

DRAFT DIAGRAM of Charles Darwin’s social network, with data provided by the Darwin Correspondence Project, which is cataloging 15,000 professional and personal letters sent to and from the scientist. Each bubble represents one of Darwin’s correspondents, with the size of the bubble representing the number of letters and the color representing the occupation of the correspondent or their role or relationship to Darwin. Clicking on the “Link to Letters” will lead to the correspondent’s letters on the Darwin Correspondence Project website. Note that this is the first draft of the diagram and that not all the data have been checked, and that several of the correspondents could be listed in different categories (e.g., a clergyman who is also a photographer). The diagram is meant to show the interdisciplinary nature of Darwin’s prolific correspondence, which helped him to refine the theory of evolution.

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