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life science social media training


Our life science social media training helps marketing and business development professionals learn how to plan and implement campaigns that attract scientists and achieve a favorable return on investment (ROI). The training is intended for marketing and business development professionals who work with products which are not regulated by the FDA. We cover the following areas and would be happy to discuss other topics of interest:

Twitter WorkshopHow do I grow my brand 140 characters at a time, and are any life scientists listening? We'll show you all the Twitter tips and tricks, do's and don'ts, and life science success stories.2.5 hours
Workshop 1: Get Started With Industry-Specific Strategies and ToolsLearn about STIR Social Media™ strategies that attract scientists and achieve a favorable return on investment (ROI). Learn how to 'get' social media and apply it to your business effectively, taking home worksheets that will help you get started quickly.4 Hours
Facebook WorkshopLearn how to create Facebook applications which attract life scientists (especially academics) and extend your brand.2.5 hours
Workshop 2: The 4 B’s of First Party ApplicationsUsing the STIR Social Media strategies from Workshop 1, learn how to build web 2.0 applications including blogs, forums, wikis, and how to generate meaningful content for life scientists. We'll cover the Basics, Benefits, Best Practices, and Biotech Examples.4 hours
Google Tools WorkshopGoogle provides many synergistic tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising. You'll learn how to simplify these sophisticated tools to inexpensively improve your website's performance.2.5 hours
Workshop 3: The Rule of 3's for 3rd Party Applications: Strategies, Tactics, and MetricsLearn how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to strengthen your brand and visibility among life scientists.4 hours
Blog and WordPress WorkshopWordPress is the most popular blogging software and our top recommended application. We'll teach you how to install and customize this powerful blogging tool so that you can leverage it to engage customers and for search engine optimization (SEO).2.5 hours
Workshop 4: The Zen of Social Media Marketing: Listen, Measure, and Adapt Your Business For Long Term GrowthWe will take a holistic view of social media, showing strategies for developing social media campaigns which work with traditional media. By improving customer engagement, monitoring your progress with inbound marketing and SEO, and marrying the results with sales, you'll make lasting changes in your business resulting in long term growth.4 hours
LinkedIn TrainingIf your life science customers work in industry, chances are you can find them on LinkedIn. Learn how to leverage employee profiles, networks, and groups to gain visibility and leads.2.5 hours

Key Benefits

  • Learn the skills to quickly develop effective social media campaigns which will reach and engage life science researchers
  • Get advice about your company’s existing campaigns from life science social media experts with five years of experience
  • Save time by obtaining shortcuts and templates for key documents such as plans, specifications, and policies
  • Align and motivate your marketing team to participate in social media activities


  • In person or web-based training customized to your company’s needs
  • Presentation and related template files
  • Video recording of the training session


October 2012 Life Science Marketing Workshop

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