Social Media Charter™ Service

Life Science Social Media Marketing Plan


We distinguish our life science social media marketing plan by calling it a Social Media Charter™ (SMC) to highlight the differences. The SMC represents a shift in marketing strategies and tactics, requiring more emphasis on items such as customer profiling, policies, and myriad online tools.

Key Benefits

  • A social media strategy which complements other marketing efforts
  • Refinement and communication of your social media messaging and voice
  • Search engine optimization/improvement of inbound marketing
  • Increased customer engagement and feedback
  • Develop new content sources for website


We will present the data and summaries to you in written and verbal formats, with information including:

  • In depth profiling of customer online habits and needs
  • Social media-focused competitive analysis
  • Baseline metrics
  • Strategic plan
  • Positioning, messaging, and voice
  • Social media policies
  • Tactical schedule
  • Content sources and planning
  • Web development
  • Budget
  • Forecasting and ROI
  • Templates and “How To” documentation
  • Training

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