Life Science SEO/Search Engine Optimization Service

Life Science SEO


Improve search engine ranking, incoming links, and inbound marketing with our life science SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service. Get a versatile plan specific to your needs by leveraging Comprendia’s online life science network and expertise.

Key Benefits

  • Improve your website’s organic search engine ranking with straightforward changes to web content and activities
  • Develop a keyword-focused content strategy which will benefit all marketing materials
  • Convert more visitors to captured leads
  • Leverage Comprendia’s extensive online life science network and expertise
  • Engage life science digital influencers who can provide valuable incoming links to your site
  • Deliverables

    • Review of your website’s current search engine performance and key SEO metrics
    • Detailed plan with recommendations for changes needed internally (website) and externally (e.g., social media, directories)
    • Keyword-focused content strategy
    • Review of lead capture and purchase conversion rate and improvement plan, with tracking
    • List of digital influencers and introductions to key life science bloggers
    • Metrics forecast and follow up meetings to ensure goals are met
    • Content sources and plan

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