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Digital marketing trends come and go, but for the time being, engaging your life science audience with thoughtful email newsletter content is still a very powerful tool. Life science newsletters are not only a way to stay on your customers’ minds, they also provide meaningful data about which of your leads are ready to talk to a salesperson or buy your product on the website. Take advantage of our expertise in creating compelling content that will engage and motivate your customers.


  • Generate leads by offering valuable information related to your products and brand
  • Engage customers and get their feedback on products and content
  • Segment customers and continually refine content tailored to their needs
  • Make the most of existing content by repurposing it for newsletter delivery
  • Encourage more creation of content internally through implementation of a regular newsletter schedule


  • Content plan to define theme, messaging, and source of newsletter subject matter
  • Design of newsletter template consistent with branding and online value proposition
  • If needed, creation of original newsletter content
  • Infrastructure needed to schedule, create and code newsletters
  • Setup of software to send newsletters and/or integration with existing contact relationship management (CRM) database
  • Management of lead generation and metrics reports

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