Social Media Compass™ Life Science Monitoring Reports

Life scientists are warming up to social media because it offers a way for them to share information in real time and to connect to collaborators more quickly. This information is, by its nature, mostly public and a rich source of intelligence for life science companies to learn about market drivers and to find digital influencers. Comprendia announces the launch of Social Media Compass? life science monitoring reports, offering companies the following guiding insights based on mining and analysis of event or topic data:

  • Needs: Posts from groups of life scientists underline common issues or pains that life scientists are facing in a focused area.
  • Engagement: By looking at top influencers, and collecting their opinions, we offer unique and actionable insights. Learn how to engage with the thought leaders for your topic of interest.
  • Snapshot: Tools such as word clouds give a visual overview to gain perspective and to easily communicate buzz and sentiment. Important points or keywords can then be explored in more detail if needed.
  • Wisdom: The Social Media Compass provides the direction needed to define social media strategies and tactics by defining the researchers’ ‘pains,’ the thought leaders who must be reached, and guidelines for content generation.

As an example, we’ve prepared a Social Media Compass report for the American Society for Microbiology 2011 Meeting (PDF) which took place in May. Hashtags are text strings prefaced with a “#” character used to tag Tweets from conferences, so we created an archive and analyzed the text of 1930 Tweets tagged with #asm2011. The report includes:

  1. Top Twitterers/Influencers with Klout scores
  2. Twitter Word Cloud
  3. Most Shared Links
  4. Most Shared Hashtags
  5. Comprendia’s Expert Summary

Here are the events, topics, and media that can be covered in a Social Media Compass:

Events/Topics Media
Life Science Conferences
Research Tools
Product Lines

The Social Media Compass is a market research report which is faster and more affordable than traditional studies which require surveys. We are currently tracking many life science conferences and topics, see our list of life science hashtags in this Google Spreadsheet. We’re looking to you to suggest which conference or topic reports, please let us know if there is a Social Media Compass report you are interested in by filling out the form below. Even if you are not ready to purchase now, please let us know your interests so we can add them to our list of topics we are monitoring.

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