Social Media for Life Science and Biotechnology Application Workshop: Twitter

Life Science Twitter Workshop

Twitter is perhaps the best application for life science companies to use to get started with social media, and based on our 2011 poll of life science marketers it is the application you are most interested in. Join us for this 2.5 hour webinar which will answer the following questions:

  • How can I effectively use Twitter to grow my company’s brand?
  • How do I find and engage with influencers and life scientists who will help me reach my goals?
  • How do I find my company’s messaging and voice, and how can I easily find content that matches?
  • Which tools will save me the most time?
  • How do I track the return on investment (ROI) for Twitter?
  • Why is etiquette so important for the life science community on Twitter, and how do I fit in?

The workshop is offered as a recorded webinar for which we will mail you a printed booklet. Cost is $275 per individual and $500 for groups of 2-4. Contact us for pricing of larger groups and visit our life science social media training page for information about other workshops.

Note: our workshops are intended for marketing and business development professionals in life science and biotechnology who do not manage FDA regulated products.

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