Social Media Workshop Glossary

Item Description Example
Blog Short for ?weblog.? Website format in which short updates or articles are posted periodically. Accelrys Blog
E-Newsletter Periodic email which provides product and application news for customers (html or PDF format, former preferred). BioBlocks
Facebook Page Page based on personal interests created by individual or corporation for purpose of gaining fans to follow and interact. Can be used by corporations for branding, and preferable in this case to Facebook groups, which do not ‘push’ information to followers. Everyday Cloning
Forum Website which allows most users to ask and answer questions. Accelrys Forum
LinkedIn Group A group sharing similar professional or networking interests on the LinkedIn social network. Companies can use to build brand. SDBN LinkedIn group
network effect The need for a minimum number of users for an application to become useful. Flickr, Facebook
Pagerank A scale determined by Google to weight your website?s search engine results (1-10). Higher pagerank=better SEO
Psychographics A customer?s market segmentation based on interests, activities, and opinions.
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) A standardized way to publish changes to a website. Works best with news feeds or blogs.
Return on Investment (ROI) A measure of the efficacy of an activity, usually marketing or advertising, based on its financial return. Equation: ((Payback-Investment)/Investment) * 100
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Improving your website?s position? in search engine results.
Twitter Account Account on application in which users update their ‘followers’ periodically with short (140 character) updates. For corporations, can be used to build branding and to promote content/products. MicroConstants
Web 2.0 Site Website which changes based on user interaction. Amazon
Wiki Set of user generated (mostly) online documents which are extensively cross-linked. Wikipedia

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