Social Media Workshop 1 Links

Link Page #
Comprendia ‘What Works With Scientists’ Study 19
SDBN Social Media Poll 20
Bioinformatics LLC Survey (June 2008) 20
Life Science co.’s using social media 20 20, 25
WhereBioBegins Facebook Page 25, 26
Invitrogen Kinase Explorer 27
Assay Depot 29
San Diego Biotechnology Network 30
Social Media Charter 40
BioBlocks Newsletter 45, 66
Scientist Solutions Forum 48
Accelrys Forum 66
SDBN LinkedIn Group 67
SDBN RSS Feed 67(add)
Comprendia Twitter Account 68 (add)
Everydaycloning (Invitrogen) Twitter Account 61 (add)
Helixis Forum Examples
Accelrys Website Examples
Accelrys Blog Examples
Millipore RSS Examples
Promega Blog Examples

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