Social Media for Life Science and Biotechnology Application Workshop: Facebook

Facebook Life Science Workshop

Facebook is the elephant in the room for life science marketers–you know that a large percentage of your customers (up to 95%) are using the popular application, but how can you leverage it? We’ve helped many life science companies understand how to use Facebook to effectively capture leads and achieve a good return on investment. Attend our 2.5 hour interactive webinar with Mary Canady May 12th to learn about strategies and tactics specific for life science companies, and leave with materials which will help you get started quickly. In the webinar we’ll answer the following questions and will also ask for yours when you register:

  • How do we engage life scientists on Facebook and achieve a favorable return on investment (ROI)?
  • What changes should we be making to our website to integrate and get more leads by leveraging Facebook’s enormous reach?
  • What are the best tools, tips, and life science examples which will help us to get started quickly and make the best use of our resources?

The workshop is offered as an interactive webinar May 12th from 9-11:30 a.m. Pacific Time (US). Cost is $275 per individual and $500 for groups of 2-4, and we’ll mail you printed booklets for all participants. Contact us for pricing of larger groups and visit our life science social media training page for information about other workshops.

Note: our workshops are intended for marketing and business development professionals in life science and biotechnology who do not manage FDA regulated products.

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