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Since our founding in 2008, we have championed the use of social media by life scientists and biotech marketers alike, and we are pleased that our industry is finally catching up in this area. We’re not just bragging when we say we’re the most experienced life science social media consultancy, you can ask our 35,000 biotech followers on every major social media platform (too numerous to list here, but you can view the San Diego Biotechnology Network website and the social media links on this page to learn more).

We’ve helped and trained small to midsize biotech companies as well as large life science organizations to get started in social media and to meet their branding, demand/lead generation, and revenue goals. Check our our post on why your company needs a life science social media presence to learn about the many benefits. Our services are bundled and priced according to your needs, and listed below. Jump to the Free Consultation Form if you’re ready to get started.

Life Science Social Media Packages


  • Daily Status Updates
  • 2 Channels
  • RSS/Content Feed
  • Metrics Report
  • All items are per month unless otherwise indicated

BRONZE Package

This level is great for smaller companies that want to ?test the waters? with social media, and get started with a customized content feed and to grow you following on 2 social media channels (e.g., LinkedIn and Twitter).

BRONZE Package Facts & Benefits:

  • Ideal for startup companies
  • Engage scientists and expand your brand?s reach



SILVER Package

The SILVER package gives you all of the benefits of the BRONZE package, and literally takes you to the next level of social media engagement, beginning with 3 channels of engagement (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). We’ll ramp up your content marketing with 500 words of content for you monthly, equivalent to one blog post or a white paper every 2-3 months (1000-1500 words).

SILVER Package Facts & Benefits:

  • Best for startups to midsize companies
  • Demand generation
  • Search engine optimization/SEO
  • Content marketing



GOLD Package

Now we?re talking. With the GOLD package, you?ll get to the finish line with landing pages that will convert followers to leads. We?ll work with you to develop your yearly Social Media Charter, which will guide your campaigns and your messaging. With landing pages, and by our integration of social into your digital and traditional marketing strategies, you?ll get the ROI data you need.

GOLD Package Facts & Benefits:

  • Works well for midsize to large companies
  • Demand/lead generation
  • Search engine optimization/SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Return on investment/ROI
  • Integration with digital and traditional campaigns




The whole shebang. We consider our PLATINUM package to be equivalent to 0.5-1.0 FTE (depending on experience) for managing social media, without the overhead of hiring an employee. We?ll develop a Social Media Charter with your input, which will outline strategy, positioning, and messaging. Based on this foundation, we’ll manage unlimited accounts for different brands or product lines, and create content equivalent to 4 blog posts/1-2 white papers per month. With 5 hours of monthly digital marketing services a month, we?ll be available to help with a wide variety of tasks, including managing paid/SEM campaigns, developing and sending email blasts, improving processes and infrastructure, and making web edits. We’ll also give you a great hourly rate if you need more.

PLATINUM Package Facts & Benefits:

  • Designed for midsize to large companies
  • Demand and lead generation
  • Strategic content marketing development
  • Full integration of social into digital and traditional marketing and automation
  • Improvement of marketing procedures and proficiencies
  • Maximization of conference ROI

We want to make it easy for you to decide what package is right for you with a free life science social media audit and consultation. You’ll receive a dashboard of your current metrics and we’ll outline some quick wins for you to meet your goals, whether they’re focused on brand recognition, demand/lead generation, or revenue gains.

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