Life Science Marketing Consultants

Life Science MarketingComprendia specializes in creating integrated marketing solutions for life science and biotechnology companies that sell products and services to scientists. We are the only company with the versatility to leverage new and traditional media together to help our clients attract and engage scientific researchers. We’ll create a marketing plan with the strategies and tactics that will lead you to reaching your objectives as we’ve done with many life science companies.

Scientific marketing is difficult currently because traditional methods of reaching scientists are not as effective, yet there is still resistance to new media methods. Additionally, researchers are sometimes suspicious of life science companies who wish to ‘infiltrate’ their online world. Since Comprendia?s founding in 2008, we’ve developed methods to solve these dilemmas with strategies and tactics which have been successful for our clients and have helped us build a network of 20,000 life scientists and professionals.

Which tools are right for your biotech company? Schedule a free web consultation and we?ll do an analysis of your current life science marketing efforts and provide some initial guidance.