Mary Canady, Ph.D., Founder

With a background in life science, marketing, and a passion for helping biotechnology companies grow, Mary Canady is a uniquely qualified life science marketer. Through her leadership, Comprendia has helped more than 30 life science companies meet their goals through traditional, digital, and social media strategies, tactics, and training. Mary has created a network of 20,000 life science professionals who support each other by sharing their expertise, information, and opportunities, see the resources page to learn more.

Mary has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and 10 years of direct experimental experience at Duke University, University of California Riverside, and Scripps Research Institute. Mary?s scientific career included X-ray crystallography, protein purification and characterization, and computational/visualization techniques. Mary still utilizes her programming skills to develop tools for marketing data analyses.

In 2000, Mary left academia and has worked since at Life Technologies, EMD Millipore, and Rigaku. Working in a number of capacities in the marketing and business development groups at these companies, Mary has demonstrated success in strategic and tactical marketing, and has excelled by bridging her scientific background with a passion for marketing. Mary?s strengths include developing and implementing marketing plans and strategies, business development, digital and social media, and event planning.

Mary founded Comprendia in 2008, realizing the changes in the media landscape and the need to help biotech companies adjust their marketing strategies. Mary is an established blogger, speaker, and social media thought leader. View Mary?s LinkedIn profile and review her experience, recent publications, and extensive recommendations to learn more. Mary can be contacted at