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Founded in 2008 by Mary Canady, we?ve assembled a highly diverse staff of Ph.D.-level scientific marketing specialists, seasoned writers, accomplished web developers, and talented graphic designers. Although our backgrounds are varied, we all have experience understanding and reaching your target audience: life science researchers. In addition, we are highly experienced in forming teams that work together to meet objectives and deadlines, even across time zones. We live, breathe, and work online, making communication and project management easier.

Comprendia is the only life science marketing firm that has the versatility to combine traditional, digital, and social media marketing strategies to meet your goals. We rely on our strong foundation in the principles of scientific marketing and our experience with researchers to choose the right solution for you. Take advantage of our network of more than 20,000 life science professionals to learn the latest trends, access expertise, and gain exposure for your company and products. At Comprendia, we practice what we preach and get great results with a small marketing budget by leveraging our network and expertise. Get ideas by looking over our capabilities and recent clients.

The best way to learn more about us is to schedule a meeting, either face to face or over the web. We?d be happy to give you a free consultation where we can review your goals and current activities, and we?ll give you some guidance on next steps. Get started by clicking on the button on this page, we?re looking forward to hearing about your needs.