Comprendia’s 2015 Life Science Marketing Planning Webinar

2015 Marketing Plan WorkshopSince our founding in 2008, we’ve seen a slow progression both with scientists and life science marketers towards the utilization of more digital and social media. Since the changes have been gradual, your life science marketing team may not have made the necessary changes to their marketing plans to adapt. During this free one hour webinar on October 15th, you’ll get up to speed with the latest trends in life science digital and social media marketing as well as how these strategies and tactics fit with traditional marketing. We’ll get input from you before, during, and after the webinar to make sure your questions are answered, and the webinar will be recorded and posted with past webinars, which are always available for viewing. Topics for the October 15th webinar include:

  1. An overview of the current life science marketing landscape
  2. Strategies and tactics that are working in life science digital and social media marketing
  3. Content based on feedback obtained during webinar registration, which may include:
    • Digital/social media best practices
    • A modern marketing plan template
    • Metrics: Return on investment (ROI), key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Content plan strategy and tactics
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing
  4. Future directions for life science marketing in 2015 and beyond

Note: The webinar is intended for biotech marketers who manage or sell non-FDA regulated products.
The webinar is now available on demand and includes the results the registration poll and 3 life science marketing polls taken by participants, view it here.