Successful Life Science Content Marketing: Comprendia’s Free Webinar November 14th 2013

keep-calm-and-create-content-29The phrase “content is king” may have jumped the shark, due to its overuse, but the fact remains that life science companies must provide engaging content on their website and social media to attract and keep customers. We cover this topic often on our blog and are offering a free webinar November 14th 2013 to help you keep your calm, because creating good content is a natural progression of your existing marketing. In this 45 minute webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Strategy: Developing content that is relevant to customers, relates to goals, and is straightforward to create
  • Tactics: Creating an integrated plan which leverages content to generate leads and sales
  • Logistics: Inspiring and managing content authors to create materials with limited time
  • Repurposing: Using existing assets and putting procedures in place for reuse of future content

The webinar is now on demand, access it and two free content marketing planning templates by filling out the form below:

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