Why You Should Join The Association Of Commercial Professionals – Life Sciences

ACP_pr_logoComprendia’s 5th anniversary is this month (look for a celebration later this year) and it’s very interesting to see the changes that have happened since our founding in 2008. At that time, we sensed a need for a network for life science marketing professionals and started the Biotech Marketing Group on LinkedIn. The group is a great place to get information and to network and we’ve made a lot of great connections there, including the founders of the Association of Commercial Professionals ? Life Sciences. The ACP-LS shares our goals to connect and support life science marketing, sales, customer and technical service professionals and we are happy to be contributors to their blog and speaking at their September 2013 conference. They’ve provided our colleagues a special rate on both the conference and membership*, and here are the reasons you should join:

  1. Learn. Life science marketers are often well trained in the science behind the products they manage or sell, sometimes leaving less time to learn the fundamentals of the commercial side. ACP-LS provides many opportunities to learn about life science marketing, sales, leadership, and training strategies with an active blog, web resources, the conference, and plans to implement training programs.
  2. Standardize. A corollary to the first reason listed here is that life science marketing and sales need standard procedures. If you’ve worked at more than one biotech company, you likely know that procedures are far from being universal, especially for products which aren’t regulated by the FDA. From procedures for product development, to calculating return on investment, to privacy policies, we can all benefit from a venue to discuss more standardization. With more established protocols, marketing and sales of life science products becomes simpler, even for small organizations, and we can all serve our customers better.
  3. Connect. There are many reasons to connect with other professionals in our industry. Learning about best practices, discussing vendors, getting career and salary advice, are among many other benefits. We are looking forward to meeting more of our blog readers and Biotech Marketing Group members and to discuss issues that are important to you. Meeting someone in person and/or working on a committee with them is a great way to get to know them. I regularly get news, compare notes, and get support from colleagues I have met throughout my career.
  4. Support. During our scientific training, we all joined our respective discipline’s organizations to benefit as well as to show support. Because marketing and sales do not exist in academia, organizations haven’t formed there and so we are left without an organization. Moreover, there is sometimes a negative perception of commercialization, and many scientists don’t realize why this process is so important to the vitality of life science. By supporting the ACP-LS, you will improve the perception of our vocation to researchers, facilitating more communication and resulting in a healthier biotech industry. In addition, you show your commitment to your employers and colleagues, which will benefit your career.
  5. Grow. By joining the ACP-LS, participating in a committee, writing a blog post, or attending the conference, you’ll be able to gain experience developing resources for our industry, as well as demonstrate your knowledge. What’s really great about a neutral organization outside of your company is that you can branch out into areas that might not currently be available to you at work. Experience with the ACP-LS will look great on your resume, and you may be able to get recommendations from professionals in your field by participating.

New tools give us the opportunity to come together and get more out of our chosen profession, which aims to benefit scientific research and the greater good. Please join Comprendia in supporting the ACP-LS*, and be sure to let us know when you join and sign up for the conference. Founder Mary Canady will be speaking on social media at the conference, and we’ll be hosting a get together for our clients and colleagues at the event. We hope to see you there, click here to sign up*.
*Disclosure: Comprendia receives financial compensation for memberships and conference registrations resulting from this page.

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