Comprendia Newsletter Vol. 5: Social Media Monitoring, Market Research, Power Tool, Sound Bytes

Newsletter Volume 5 

May 2013 



Did your Q1 2013 Marketing Plan bring May flowers? OK, that was weak. We hope your year is shaping up well!

ACP-LS Guest Post:  Life Science Social Media Monitoring  


The Association for Commercial Professionals – Life Sciences is a great group for our field. Mary will be speaking at the conference in September, and leading up to that she’ll be writing blog posts. Check out her first post which outlines a plan for monitoring competitors using social media and other online tools. 

Do You Do Enough Market Research?

 So many things have changed in the digital age that it is sometimes hard to judge which parts of your marketing plan should change, and which should remain constant. Life science market research is an area in which we recommend you revise your strategy, and we explain the top five reasons in this blog post.

Product Highlights


Life Science Event Planning Service      


Comprendia’s life science event planning service will take care of everything from helping you plan the theme to successful implementation. Engage life scientists by providing a valuable workshop or networking event at a life science hub or co-located with a conference.


 Connect with your customers…



Life Science Press Release/Public Relations Service


Whether you need a single life science press release or a sustained public relations campaign, Comprendia’s expertise and network will ensure that your biotech company’s news receives maximum exposure.


 Get the most out of your news releases…  

Monthly Power Tool: Google Plus

Google Plus is poised to be a vital tool for brands, as we all use so many tools and data which it interfaces with. Significant advances to the platform were announced at the recent Google I/O conference and we thought the time was right to announce it as one of our power tools. It has been described as a ‘social layer’ or a ‘back channel,’ meaning that it functions to connect us in the background rather than serving as a social network such as Facebook. For example, one advance that you should pay close attention to is Google Author Rank, which will increasingly affect search engine ranking. If you have a blog, you should set up each of the authors of your blog with it, check out this presentation to learn how. Feel free to connect with us on Google Plus and let us know if you have any questions! 

Sound Bytes Vol. 5


Here are totally cool links to news and tips from around the web which we shared on Twitter. See our comments for each link below, and click on the title to get more information. Follow us on Twitter  or subscribe to our Diigo feed to see all the links we share. 



05-20-2013 18:01:52 PM

Many life science marketers don’t receive training on copyright law and privacy, here are some good guidelines and a place to start on making sure your tactics are legal. …?


05-20-2013 18:01:52 PM

We’re seeing more traction for social media utilization by scientists, and Nature’s doing a great job driving the topic with SpotOn. Check out this series of case studies.  …?


05-20-2013 18:01:52 PM

A nice, current explainer for search engine optimization, with a lot of great ideas.  …?


05-20-2013 18:01:52 PM

Affymetrix is newly branded, how do you like it? In case you forgot, the old logo had a horizontal DNA strand on the left. Interesting magenta color chosen, perhaps because red, orange, and blue were taken! Interesting, the branding is reminiscent of Nature’s SpotOn…  …?



Hope your May has a swell end and you’re planning for a productive summer. Feel free to contact us with questions!



Mary Canady
Comprendia, LLC

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