#Sciopartners Continued: Conference Connections For Life Science Bloggers And Companies

My recent trip to the ScienceOnline conference to make the #Sciopartners presentation was cut short due to travel difficulties and I didn’t get to meet as many of the attendees as I would have liked to. I started thinking about how I’ve made connections with bloggers outside of that meeting in the past, and Tweetups, etc. at other life science conferences have helped a lot. I had an ‘aha’ moment shortly after these neurons fired and realized we could be a conduit for life science bloggers and companies to meet. The fact that communication is moving online makes in person meetings all the more valuable for maintaining relationships.

Media shifts bring opportunities for both bloggers and companies to work together to advance scientific research. We created two word clouds for this post’s image based on these two partners’ online content, with the largest words representing the most popular topics. For the word cloud on the left in black, we used content from 4 major life science company websites: Sigma Aldrich, Life Technologies, Bio-Rad, Affymetrix, and New England Biolabs. The right word cloud in white is from Researchblogging and represents the topics written about there. Like any partnership, the two halves will have similarities and differences, and we hope you can meet face to face in 2013 to discuss. There are two ways you can participate and connect:

  1. Send a Tweet tagged with either @Comprendia or #Sciopartners with the hashtags of the meetings you’ll be attending in 2013 and the topics you blog about (see our life science events calendar for hashtags). For example: “@Comprendia I’ll be attending #aacr this year and blog about cancer and life as a postdoc #Sciopartners”.
  2. Fill out the short form below.

We will collect the information and be in touch with you soon! Note that we will not make the information public, as some people prefer to keep travel information private.

*I have to mention that there are ulterior motives for this post as I am trying to decide which meetings to attend so I can meet as many of you as possible!