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January 2013 Newsletter


Happy New Year! 2013 is special to us because it marks our fifth year! We’ll be having some special celebrations this summer. For now, check out our new blog content, specials, and news from around the web. Contact us if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

Reaching Digital Influencers at ScienceOnline

The changing media landscape means that science bloggers are important digital influencers. We aim to help life science companies build bridges with these communicators and are travelling to North Carolina next week to lead a session at the ScienceOnline conference.? Check out the details and fill out the short form by clicking below so that we can help you make the important connections you need in 2013:

? ?

New Media Marketing Resources, Risks, and Rewards?

Mary recently gave a talk to UCSD Rady MBA students and we’ve uploaded it to SlideShare with audio. Click on the link below to watch it, and if you’d like Mary to talk at your company or institution, contact us.

?New Media Marketing Presentation

Product Highlights & Specials


Special offer: Until February 10th, enter code “winterpromo” to get $75 off of the following products!




Which direction should you take in identifying resources for conferences and other marketing tactics in 2013? Our Social Media Compass covers Twitter conversations and other Social Media intel, providing you with important topics and influencers.


As evidenced in the “CRAP” presentation in this month’s SoundBytes, your company is now competing with everyone else who is trying to create content to attract readers and customers. Be more competitive by knowing more about your industry by getting automated emails custom built to capture the relevant web conversations.? You’ll be able to engage thought leaders and create internal and external content that will improve your online brand and bottom line. ?


Learn more…?

Monthly Power Tool: Prismatic?

One of our most popular blog posts is about saving time on social media activities. So, this month we are highlighting Prismatic, which is a fantastic tool to show you what web content is important to your network. You can connect Prismatic with your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account, and it will then show you which items have been shared the most. We find it most useful to find out what’s important to our Twitter network, and often re-post these items. Of course, this means you have to be following the “right” people in the first place! (Hint: we can help you with that, just ask…) ?

SoundBytes 1/13


Here are groovy links to news and tips from around the web which we shared on Twitter. See our comments for each link below, and click on the title to get more information. Follow us on Twitter? or subscribe to our Diigo feed to see all the links we share.?
01-23-2013 12:48:10 PM

This purchase could have big implications for the open access movement, as Mendeley’s purchase could hinder progress. Let’s hope Elsevier is seeking to move towards a ‘kinder, gentler’ business model with this putative acquisition.? …?

01-23-2013 12:48:10 PM

Facebook recently announced that it would be drastically improving its search capabilities, as detailed in this TechCrunch article. It could mean that life science companies could attract more buyers, not just ‘likers.’ We wish Facebook would work harder at eliminating fake users, but this may help by getting at people who are searching for items, not just liking your page via a bot. Update your Facebook profile with keywords and look for changes in search results and advertising options.? …?

01-23-2013 12:48:10 PM

The hashtag #overlyhonestmethods, started by a scientist to poke fun at the real reasons behind the ways research is done, got more than 8,000 Tweets! Life scientist companies could leverage such campaigns too, any ideas?? …?

01-23-2013 12:48:10 PM

Ouch…the University of California created a new logo that was not received well, to put it mildly. Read about how to prevent this type of a debacle.? …?


01-23-2013 15:32:49 PM

This slideshare presentation points out that coming to the realization that your company needs more content is not enough. To stand out from the crap, you need to have well crafted content, which takes a plan and resources (hint: we can help!).? …?


Hope you enjoy our newsletter! Have an ‘engaging’ month!


Mary Canady
Comprendia, LLC

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