Three Ways To Get Involved With ScienceOnline NOW To Make A Difference In 2013

ScienceOnline Opportunities

Since our founding in 2008, we’ve been big proponents of ScienceOnline and one of our major goals is to bridge science bloggers and companies to make the industry more robust. This movement represents a sea change in many areas of science and so the revolution feels more like a glacier melting than a waterfall. With the conference approaching at the end of January next year, there are at least three ways you can get involved to make a difference.

  1. Sponsor the ScienceOnline conference. The digital influencers you’re so anxious to engage will be at ScienceOnline in North Carolina or watching the conversations via Twitter, etc. By sponsoring, you’ll be reaching them as well as helping a good cause, as better science communication positively impacts the industry and us all personally. Check out the sponsorship opportunities and email Karyn Traphagen for more information. It would be a great way to spend that extra end of the year budget you have.
  2. Local Watch Parties. The ScienceOnline conference in North Carolina is so popular that there’s a long waiting list. Local watch parties are being organized to both fill this void and also to help this movement to flourish with more face to face interactions. Host, sponsor, or participate in a local watch party, get more information here. We’ll be having one in San Diego Saturday February 2nd, contact us if you’re interested in participating.
  3. Start a dialog. I’ll be leading a session at the conference about making more bridges between life science companies and bloggers. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you early next year to discuss your needs.