Comprendia’s Free Life Science Marketing Workshop Webinar October 2nd

2013 Life Science Marketing PlanningCurrently, many areas of life science media are in flux as researchers and professionals can now choose between print, web, and mobile resources. These changes mean that your marketing strategies and tactics must be adjusted, as tenets used in broadcasting a message via a static advertisement no longer apply.

There are now myriad choices for your marketing budget, with several representing new challenges in digital and social media marketing (see our 2013 planning guide for more information). How will you develop a 2013 marketing plan which will coordinate and integrate these seemingly disparate tactics into a strategy which will help you meet your objectives? We’ve created a survey to help us understand your biggest needs in formulating your 2013 marketing strategies and tactics, and we’ll present the results and tailor our one hour October 2nd webinar to answering your questions. In addition, we’re offering a free 30 minute individual follow up consultation to answer your questions. We’ll keep your answers to the survey confidential according to our Privacy Policy and will only discuss general survey results. Depending on the results of the survey, we expect to cover:

  • Branding, Positioning, and Messaging
  • Strategies Integrating Traditional, Digital, and Social Media
  • Finding and Engaging Thought Leaders and Customers
  • Choosing and Implementing Complementary Tactics
  • Measuring and Analyzing Marketing Metrics
  • Effective Lead Generation

The recording of this webinar is now available, fill out the form below to access.