Helping Life Science Companies Empower Bloggers At ScienceOnline #scio12

We’re gearing up to attend ScienceOnline 2012 (#scio12) in North Carolina next week, a place where bloggers, educators, and anyone interested in science communication online meet. The conference is growing due to many factors, including the way the fantastic organizers structure the event and increasing importance of science online for the public, scientists, and companies.

We see great synergies between bloggers and life science companies, something we covered after we attended the conference last year. Bloggers are digital influencers, reaching life scientists with great content and even becoming an important source of news for the area they cover. They require financial support to keep their blogs running and expand. This need represents an opportunity for life science companies, who are often looking for ways to promote their research tools online other than using a banner ad on a crowded news website. We’d like to make connections between bloggers and life science companies as we have broad networks in both areas. We’re meeting with as many bloggers as possible at #scio12, fill out one of the forms below so we can start making connections.

Blogger form
Company form

Also, join the #ls_chat Friday January 13th at 10 a.m. PT to discuss #scio12 and bridging companies and bloggers.

Note: The image is in reference to the Science Ink book and related tattoo parlor tour that will take place at #scio12. We’ll take part (and Mary may come home inked…) and have a fun contest at #scio12, stay tuned!