2012 Life Science Marketing Planning Guide: Events, Media Kits & Contacts

It’s time to start life science marketing planning for the next year, and we’d like to help you get the most out of your budget with this guide. We’ll assume that the Mayans are wrong and that the world won’t end, at least not before Q4. We’ve updated our life science event planning calendar which has 2012 conference and relevant due dates to help you get abstracts and other items in on time, especially if you add the google calendar to yours so you’ll get reminders. In addition, we’ve added the official Twitter hashtag for each event (where available) so you can track them (see our guide to life science hashtags to learn more).

Life Science Event Listings

Comprendia Life Science Events: Comprendia or Google http://bit.ly/lifescievents
Allconferences.com (Biotech)
Nature Events Page
Macdougall Biomedical Communications 2011-2012 Conference Calendar
Fierce Biotech Events
Biocompare Life Science Events
Cell Press (+mini social network)
Drug Discovery News Events Calendar
Lab Roots Events Page (social network)
BIOCOM Events Calendar

Below is our list of life science media kits and editorial calendars. Marketers use them to plan their tactical schedules, see our life science marketing plan series for more details. We’d hoped to find more of the 2012 versions of these schedules, but several are from 2011. We’ll try to update them as they become available, try poking around the websites and contacting the publications yourself to find them.

Our 2011 survey of life science marketers indicated an increase in spending on social media, we’ll repeat the survey for 2012 soon. What are your thoughts on the trends for spending and success in 2012?

Life Science Media Kits, Editorial Calendars & Contacts

Journal/Media Media Kit/Editorial Calendar Contact
Genetic Engineering News Media Kit,2012 Editorial Calendar (PDF) See Media Kit
Nature Media Kits for Multiple Nature Journals, Content Calendar Sales
The Scientist Media Kit & Editorial Calendar, Online Advertising Options Sales
C&EN Uber Media Schedule/Editorial Calendar Page Sales
Biocompare Biocompare Editorial Calendar Sales
Cell Press 2012 Media Kits Sales
Science Media Kit and Editorial Calendar Sales
ASBMB (American Society for Biochemisty & Molecular Biology) Media Kit (2011)
Drug Discovery News Advertising Information Sales
Scientific American Media Kit Sales
Lab Manager Magazine 2012 Media Kit, 2012 Editorial Calendar

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