Choose the ‘E’ Ticket Sunday at 2:00 at #Scio11

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If you’ve been following Comprendia via our writing or actions, you know that one of our major goals is facilitating communication between life scientists and the companies that serve them. With today?s tools, and the media landscape, more communication and collaboration is not only possible, but necessary. We also hear interest from both sides in working together. What form will this take, and how can you set up your blog or web 2.0 site to help it grow?

We ran two surveys to help bridge the gap between life science companies and researchers and will present the results at the ScienceOnline conference this weekend. We’d like to focus on these questions, and we’ll also be asking you during discussions leading up to the session:

What is your ‘big dream’ for your blog or website, and could you achieve it with help from sponsors?

What other blogs, 2.0 sites, genres (e.g., tech, food) do well with corporate sponsorship, and how can we learn from them?

What missteps can we avoid to prevent situations such as Pepsigate?

How would you feel about adjusting the focus or format of your website to adapt to life science company needs? If so, what types of changes would work best for both?

Would a matchmaking site that would allow bloggers and companies to find each other help, and if so what would it look like?

Per unconference ?rules?, this session will be light on presentations and heavy on discussion and action after. We?d love to start a dialog that leads to the development of infrastructure that will help you achieve your website?s goals. We’ll have a representative from the bloggers, Brian Krueger (@labspaces), companies Kristy Meyer (@kristy3m) and myself (@comprendia) Sunday at 2 p.m. in session E! If you can’t make it, track us down and/or look for us to post more information on how you can get involved soon, even if you’re not at the conference. If you work at a company, look for us to publish the research report soon or contact us with questions.

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