Social Media for Life Science and Biotechnology Workshop 4: The Zen of Social Media Marketing: Integrate, Measure, and Adapt

life science social media workshopOur first three Social Media for Life Science and Biotechnology Workshops concentrated on the components of successful applications and campaigns. Now, you’re ready to make the whole more than the sum of its parts by integrating, measuring, and adapting your strategies and tactics. Concepts covered include metrics, return on investment/relationship (ROI/ROR), engagement, social media monitoring/sentiment analysis, search engine optimization, and inbound marketing. In this four hour webinar, we’ll answer the questions below, as well as any you have in this area. The cost to attend the workshop is $375, or $750 for groups up to 4, and includes a printed workshop booklet for all attendees. Register below and contact us with any questions.


  • Strategies: How do we integrate our company’s various products and departments to convey a consistent message that meets our goals?
  • Tactics: How do we integrate 1st and 3rd party social media?
  • How do we fit social media into our current marketing plans?


  • How do we collect the right metrics and information to analyze?
  • Which of the ‘mainstream’ social media tools work for life science/biotech?
  • How do we integrate these measurements into applications and workflows we’re already using?


  • How do we interpret data from social media to learn what’s working?
  • What types of changes are most likely to result in increased sales?
  • How do I convince the management and my department to adapt and continue to support social media initiatives?

In this webinar, we’ll cover the applications that we’ve found most useful, and feel free to suggest any that you would like to learn more about when registering. You’ll come away from the workshop with worksheets and templates which will help you get started quickly to integrate, measure, and adapt your way towards social media success.

Note: our workshops are intended for marketing and business development professionals in life science and biotechnology who do not manage FDA regulated products.