Sound Bytes: Links and Tips For Life Science Marketing & Social Media 10/01/2010

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Here is our latest collection of links and tips for life science marketing and social media:

  1. Commentary on social media and science from David Bradley
  2. Where is social media for life scientists headed? Read thought leader David Bradley’s commentary on the subject, and also be sure to read Brian Krueger’s blog post as well. The importance of finding value is underlined, as well as the challenges at hand, and it will help you learn how your company can leverage social media to help and attract life scientists.

  3. Life Technologies launches the Molecular Probes Technology Network and the Protocol Exchange for transfection.
  4. Related to the first links, Life Technologies is dabbling in social media communities for life scientists with these new applications, which are focused around protocols and discussions. Will they gain traction? Time will tell, however the similar (from an application perspective) Stem Cell Network they launched a few months ago seems to be languishing. Do the networks meet our STIR Social Media system criteria, which we believe are needed for success? You decide!

  5. New Twitter launches…kind of…
  6. Twitter is launching a new web interface, which you can learn about in real time by following the #newtwitter hashtag. The interface will include more multimedia, powered by partnerships with many different companies, and will help Twitter to compete with third party applications (e.g., TweetDeck) and even Facebook. The new interface is being rolled out slowly to users, and the joke on Twitter is that the most experienced users aren’t getting access because they never use the web interface. I have 8 accounts and don’t have it yet! What will it mean for you, the life science marketer? It could make Twitter fill a more relevant niche as more multimedia is added, making it more similar to Facebook, but easier to manage.

  7. Social media infographics.
  8. Everybody loves an infographic! Learn and help others in your organization understand many different aspects of social media with these schematics.

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