Bio 2008: Making it easy to be green?

I’ve spent most of my time on the BIO 2008 exhibit floor, networking for Comprendia, and I’ve noticed that there are many environmentally friendly promotional items, with cloth bags being the most common. I even got a kit to help make my house more environmentally friendly from our local energy provider, SDG&E. Interestingly, at least one biotech company, Vertex, is using a fluorescent light bulb as the focus of their current marketing campaign “targeting a bright future.” Kudos to them for being ahead of the curve on realizing this new type of earth-friendly light bulb appeals to scientists and consumers alike.

In general, there is also an association between the color green and being environmentally friendly, and some companies are capitalizing on this. The “rage” at BIO 2008 are the bright green crocs-style shoes that one company is giving out (I can’t remember the name, but they are in the 1000 aisle). I walked by their exhibit yesterday and the line was very long! Some people even switched out their dress shoes to model these wonders of fashion . . . amazing how high level scientists and biotech professionals still have such an attraction towards free items.

I read somewhere that is an increase in the number of companies choosing the color green for their logos, to capitalize on this trend. Does this include Comprendia? Well, we do strive to be green in providing earth-friendly promotional options to our clients, and traveling only when absolutely necessary, relying on web-based services to meet, but we also just happen to like the color green.

Of course, the BIO 2008 schedule and logistics also center around green initiatives. All day today in Room 28 AB, the Industrial and Environmental track will have presentations on the development of clean technologies and affecting climate change. BIO 2008 organizers are also implementing a number of green , such as composting, leftover food donation, and recycled carpet.

Do all these initiatives and ties to being green just make us feel better, or do they motivate us to elicit change in the climate crisis? I think biotech should embrace the green concept in many ways, from the way we portray ourselves, to our operating logistics, and most importantly in the objectives we set for our businesses. Reversal of climate change is going to come from us, there is no question about it. Let’s get to work!