Biotech Website Search Engine Optimization: It’s All About Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for any company, and biotech companies are often very fluid and must keep their sites optimized to reach their target audience. Researchers rely heavily on search engines such as Google to quickly find information and products, and having your site at the top of the list makes them more likely to visit it. There are several tricks of the trade to improving your ranking, including using keywords on your page, simplifying your design by omitting extras like Flash, and cozying up to the search engines by using their web tracking and advertising applications. However, the single most important thing you can do is to add useful content to your site. In other words, make your site a place where your customers would want to come, not just for your products, and they will.

In Biotechnology and the Life Sciences, we are lucky in that there is usually a wealth of scientific research behind the products, so creating content around them simply takes time to put articles together. Consider writing application notes or newsletters that will not only put your products in the context of your customers’ research, but will increase your search engine indexing. Another idea is to include an application that many of your customers will find useful. Do your customers need to make certain calculations repeatedly, or would they benefit from a listing of references on a particular topic? Often, these resources can be integrated into your product listing. Thus, they will not only provide researchers with useful information, but they will be linked to your products and increase your search engine indexing because they will contain words that your customers are already searching for.

Some biotech companies have broken basic SEO rules. A few years ago, several companies got the idea to link their signal transduction products from graphical pathway maps. Thus, researchers searching for anything from “ras protein” to “map kinase” will find these applications and the products related to them. Great idea, but two of the companies used Flash animation for their applications, which are almost invisible to the search engines. Currently, the one company that chose not to do this, EMD Biosciences, still shows up fairly prominently in the search engines, while the others don’t.

Getting your site recognized by search engines is best done by professionals that understand your science, your target audience, and how to implement a strategy that will meet your goals for growing your biotech or life science business. Whether you need to redesign your website completely, or just need the “extra minds” to write engaging content, Comprendia can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and Marketing 101™ seminar, which will include hints for optimizing your website today. This post is part of Comprendia’s Marketing 101 Blog Series, designed to help you grow your business by developing marketing strategies and tactics that work for biotechnology.

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