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How Do Life Scientists Use Social Media?

Here’s a great video from Imperial College in which several life scientists discuss their interest in social media. Blogs, Twitter, Wikis and other on-line tools from John Conway on Vimeo. How can life science companies participate? Join us June 9th for our Social Media for Life Science and Biotechnology Workshop 2: The 4 B’s of First Party Applications and find out! To share this post easily, cut and paste: How Do Life Scientists Use Social Media?

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How Does Web 2.0 Increase Life Science Product Sales?

Almost every life science company we talk to about web 2.0 and social media has the same question: what’s the return on investment (ROI)? We’ve discussed that the ROI equation for social media strategies and tactics is the same, but that the ‘expense’ and ‘payback’ calculations will likely be different. In this post, we’ll discuss two reports which show that web 2.0 sites have increased traffic and engagement, and that customers who are engaged buy more. Together, they present a strong argument that adding web 2.0 features can directly and positively impact a company’s sales. Web 2.0 sites are dynamic and interactive, and include sites which the user can add content to such as blogs, forums, and wikis. The first report we’ll discuss is titled ‘Traffic metrics and Web 2.0-ness‘ and it was published in Online Information Review from a group in Taiwan. They surveyed the online habits of about 1000 people and correlated metrics such as sites visited, page views per site, and duration per page on site with the degree of ‘Web 2.0-ness’ a website had. The researchers found a positive correlation between the Web 2.0-ness of a site and users’ understanding of its content and the number […]

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New on SDBN Blog: Life Science Wikis

We’ve put together a list of life science wikis on the SDBN site. It’s a resource for life scientists, and also a great resource for life science companies to consider, and we found a nice example of a company who is using a wiki well. If you’d like to learn more about using a wiki, come to our June 22nd Social Media for Life Science and Biotechnology Workshop in San Diego, where we’ll cover the Basics, Benefits, Best Practices, and Biotech examples. Earlybird registration ends Wednesday, don’t be late! We’ll also be offering the workshop virtually and perhaps in your area soon, contact us for more details.

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Social Media for Life Science and Biotechnology Workshop 2: The 4 B’s of First Party Applications

Our first Social Media for Life Science and Biotechnology Workshop went over well, with IRL (in real life) and virtual sessions full of marketing and business development professionals eager to learn how to attract scientists and improve their return on investment with social media. When polled anonymously, 100% of attendees indicated that they would suggest the workshop to colleagues, and we continue to incorporate your feedback to make the workshops even better. In the first workshop we covered Comprendia’s STIR Social Media™ system which defines the four qualities needed for a successful campaign: Sticky, Transparent, Intuitive, and Resonating. We discussed in detail how social media is a natural extension of the activities life science companies have been engaged in for years, and that, as with all marketing, strategies must come before tactics. If you missed the IRL and virtual events, don’t despair, you can still order it on demand through the Comprendia website, and we highly suggest it before you attend the second workshop. The Workshop 1 webinar is roughly 3 hours long, and we’ll give you a ‘day pass’ in which you can watch it any time that day, and we’ll send you the printed presentation as a booklet […]

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