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Social Media for Life Science and Biotechnology Workshop, Part 1: Get Started With Industry-Specific Strategies and Tools

How can life science and biotechnology companies leverage social media to increase visibility, generate more leads, and ultimately improve sales or the value of the company? Comprendia is the recognized leader in understanding how to develop and implement social media strategies tailored to life science and biotechnology companies. Check out our Biotechnology Marketing 101 Blog for more details. There are myriad online social media resources and agencies, but this workshop is the only resource that will provide you with strategies backed by real examples and designed to help you launch campaigns that will work with your life science customers. In this 4 hour hands-on workshop we’ll answer these questions, giving real examples and materials to help you jump start social media campaigns for your company: Which applications and themes work with scientists or biotech professionals? How do I integrate social media with existing marketing strategies and tactics? What is the return on investment (ROI) for social media, and how do I maximize it? How do I get buy-in from the management and motivate my team to participate? We’ll have wifi so you can bring your computer, ask lots of questions, and head back to the office ready to get started. […]

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