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Comprendia Announces New BioStartup Marketing Kits to Facilitate Growth of Biotechnology Startup Companies

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwire – September 24, 2008) – Comprendia, a newly formed biotechnology and life sciences marketing consulting firm, is announcing the launch of BioStartup Marketing Kits, which will help biotechnology startups obtain the marketing they need to grow. The kits will enable the new companies to easily obtain the materials they need to launch, allowing their management to focus on other vital activities. BioStartup Marketing Kits are designed to meet the specialized needs of biotechnology companies, including materials and services such as website design, logo and branding, brochures, public relations, and social media. This announcement comes at a time when biotechnology firms are touted as being a “safe haven” for investors during the current financial crisis. Large pharmaceutical and venture capital companies are investing in biotech companies to re-fill drug pipelines and provide novel tools for drug discovery. Additionally, the restructuring of large pharmaceutical companies has spawned a host of new drug discovery startups, founded by former big pharma employees. Choosing the right marketing strategy is essential to the success of these new, largely unknown businesses, because it not only determines their image and direction, but also their ability to raise money and recruit top scientists. “We see a […]

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