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Four Ways Life Science Companies Can Leverage Foursquare for Branding, Leads, and Sales

Social media applications which track users’ locations are big news recently since Facebook Places launched, competing with Foursquare which has three million users. Many businesses are learning to leverage these applications, allowing users to learn about discounts and gain benefits for ‘checking in’ to their establishments online while they are visiting them. Even though life science companies do most of their business via the internet and mail, there are ways they could leverage these location-based applications. Below are our ideas for life science companies to use tools like Foursquare, and we hope it sparks some ideas for building their brands and obtaining leads and sales in new ways. Account Managers. Getting the sales team using location-based applications is perhaps the most straightforward way to take advantage of them. Account managers could check in while visiting large institutions or hot spots, offering prizes for customers who see their check ins online and find them. More generally, account managers could give prizes to those who check into institutions in their territory–the implications for lead generation are fantastic! What’s great about Foursquare is that from the login perspective, it’s an isolated application. In other words, employees don’t have to worry about mixing their […]

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