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Getting Financial Support For Your Blog Without Selling Your Soul: Presenting At ScienceOnline 2013 #scio13

Mary presented a short session at the recent ScienceOnline conference in North Carolina aimed at helping bloggers get funded. We are continuing the dialog using #sciopartners on Twitter and with resources at Fill out a short form there to get started! Getting Financial Support For Your Blog Without Selling Your Soul from Mary Canady

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New Media Marketing: Resources, Risks, and Rewards: Presentation to UCSD Rady MBA Students

New Media Marketing: Resources, Risks, and Rewards from Mary Canady

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SlideShare: Life Science Marketing Survey 2012

Life science marketing survey 2012 from Mary Canady View the related workshop webinar:

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Chance Favors The Prepared Network: My Discussion With Life Scientists About Finding ‘Career Happiness’

Chance Favors The Prepared Network View another webinar from Mary Canady Here’s a presentation I gave at the University of Minnesota about networking, including audio. I got great rapport from the grad students and they are hungry to network! We thought it would be great if companies or organizations sponsored networking events, seems like a win-win for all, and we do it in San Diego successfully. Let us know if you’re interested in holding events in your region!

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Can Bloggers and Life Science Companies Form Partnerships? Our Session at ScienceOnline 2011 #scio11

Last weekend I attended the ScienceOnline 2011 conference in North Carolina and it was amazing. 250 Bloggers, authors, educators, and journalists, all with a passion for online science, getting together ‘unconference‘ style to discuss the status and the future of communication in this medium. While I had a fantastically fun time, I was there to help understand how to bridge life science companies and bloggers. My interview with Science in the Triangle and the slideshare presentation (with audio) from the session are both below and describe our goals and progress at the conference. Brian Krueger from LabSpaces and Kristy Meyer from Sigma helped with planning and surveys we did in preparation for our Sunday session, and they led a related session on Saturday (their summaries of the Saturday session are linked to their names). Tricia Kenny from Life Technologies also helped with planning but was unable to attend. We had a small crowd, likely due to the fact that we were opposite a popular session about science blog networks. I was told by several bloggers and blog network managers that they really wanted to come and have a lot of interest in hearing the outcome, so I’m very optimistic about […]

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