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Social Bookmarking For Life Science Business: Applications and Examples

Social bookmarking applications allow you to save and share information from the web and their utilization might appear useful for personal, not professional reasons. However, the more we depend on information on websites and social networks for our work, the more these sites have to offer us. Here are eight ways you can use social bookmarking applications to organize and share information for your life science business. Use Delicious to organize bookmarks as a linkable resource. If you read this blog or have attended our workshops, you know that we tag links on Delicious, one of the most popular social bookmarking sites, to help our clients and readers learn and refer to web content we think is useful. For example, the ‘soundbytes‘ tag contains links from our blog series of the same name. Similarly, you could save, tag, and provide links to your customers for internal or external content. Beware, however, that links will be visible to others unless you make each private. Most of the tools mentioned here have browser plugins and smart phone applications, making it easy to save, tag, and comment whenever you find a link. Use Diigo to send collections of links to colleagues. You can […]

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Everything I Know About Social Media I Learned from My Favorite Songs

Most of the posts here are related to science or biotechnology in some way. We’ll take a bit of a detour here to discuss how songs can be used to understand social media. For someone like me, who thinks about it a lot, it’s easy to see the similarities. I hope you’ll start to see that ‘everything old is new’ and that social media is a natural progression of our culture, involving many of the same ideals and etiquette we are familiar with. Each song title is linked to a version you can play on, enjoy! The End by The Beatles This song sums up social media (SM) very well–the famous line from it is “And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” As we’ve discussed earlier, it’s all about paying it forward. You need to enter into SM with the goal of giving back first. Only then will you begin to see that others will gladly return the favor. Unlike the song, however, sometimes I feel as though I may get back more than I put in, if that’s possible! The Beatles taught us a lot about life and it’s not […]

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