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Life Science Digital Marketing Trends: Comprendia’s ‘Lucky Seven’ Year Predictions

Life Science Digital Marketing Trends: Comprendia's 'Lucky Seven' Year Predictions

Comprendia was founded in June of 2008, which means we are beginning our 7th year. For this occasion, I’ve decided to reflect about the future of life science digital marketing and I present five predictions which are open to discussion. First, I’ll give a bit of a background. In late May/early June 2008, I was finishing up with the Comprendia logo and forming the LLC, getting the PO box, trademark, and all the trappings of a new business. I wasn’t sure how to set up the website—I’d used WordPress personally and was familiar with it for blogging, but would the platform be suitable for a corporate website? Believe it or not, few companies were using WordPress at that time, but I found a few examples and went for it. I caught a very lucky break as the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) convention was in San Diego that June, and they were accepting bloggers. I signed up, blogged, and have covered several conventions since then. Currently Comprendia is working to provide local coverage of the BIO 2014 convention through the San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN). In addition, we liaise with biotech companies, their customers, and science communicators in many ways and […]

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Chance Favors The Prepared Network: My Discussion With Life Scientists About Finding ‘Career Happiness’

Chance Favors The Prepared Network View another webinar from Mary Canady Here’s a presentation I gave at the University of Minnesota about networking, including audio. I got great rapport from the grad students and they are hungry to network! We thought it would be great if companies or organizations sponsored networking events, seems like a win-win for all, and we do it in San Diego successfully. Let us know if you’re interested in holding events in your region!

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New Media Science Communication, What’s Working? Our #EB2012 Event Will Highlight #SciComm Successes

We were thrilled when the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology asked us to host an event with them during the Experimental Biology (#EB2012) conference this month in San Diego, see descriptions of it on the SDBN blog and ASBMB website. The event will focus on improving science communication (#SciComm), and as you know we’re big proponents of using new media towards this end. We’ve seen some spectacular examples of scientists and organizations using new tools to reach their peers, the public, and even to get funding. Here, we highlight great examples of new media science communication, and invite those who will be attending the #EB2012 event (#EB2012Tweetup) to share their own stories. #IAmScience. Kevin Zelnio, a freelance science writer who blogs for the DeepSeaNews and Scientific American, started a meme on Twitter around non-traditional paths to becoming a scientist. He found that many scientists described surprisingly diverse paths to becoming a scientist, fueled by passion more than genius (see the video of the Tweets). He thought that the collected stories would make a great resource to personalize scientists and encourage those who are intimidated because they see a scientific career as a ‘one size fits all’ endeavor. He […]

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Happy Holidays from Comprendia & SDBN!

Thanks for your support in 2010 and we hope to see more of you in 2011! Mary Canady & Rebecca Watson-Beattie Comprendia & San Diego Biotechnology Network (Image created using Tagxedo and it’s a word cloud from the content of our blog. Clicking on each word searches our website for the term! We love word clouds…)

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