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Getting Financial Support For Your Blog Without Selling Your Soul: Presenting At ScienceOnline 2013 #scio13

Mary presented a short session at the recent ScienceOnline conference in North Carolina aimed at helping bloggers get funded. We are continuing the dialog using #sciopartners on Twitter and with resources at Fill out a short form there to get started! Getting Financial Support For Your Blog Without Selling Your Soul from Mary Canady

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January ’13 Newsletter: ScienceOnline, New Media Marketing, Power Tool, SoundBytes

Comprendia January 2013 Newsletter Greetings! Happy New Year! 2013 is special to us because it marks our fifth year! We’ll be having some special celebrations this summer. For now, check out our new blog content, specials, and news from around the web. Contact us if you have any questions or just want to say hi. Reaching Digital Influencers at ScienceOnline The changing media landscape means that science bloggers are important digital influencers. We aim to help life science companies build bridges with these communicators and are travelling to North Carolina next week to lead a session at the ScienceOnline conference.  Check out the details and fill out the short form by clicking below so that we can help you make the important connections you need in 2013: ScienceOnline Partnerships     New Media Marketing Resources, Risks, and Rewards  Mary recently gave a talk to UCSD Rady MBA students and we’ve uploaded it to SlideShare with audio. Click on the link below to watch it, and if you’d like Mary to talk at your company or institution, contact us.  New Media Marketing Presentation Product Highlights & Specials   Special offer: Until February 10th, enter code “winterpromo” to get $75 off of […]

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Three Ways To Get Involved With ScienceOnline NOW To Make A Difference In 2013

Since our founding in 2008, we’ve been big proponents of ScienceOnline and one of our major goals is to bridge science bloggers and companies to make the industry more robust. This movement represents a sea change in many areas of science and so the revolution feels more like a glacier melting than a waterfall. With the conference approaching at the end of January next year, there are at least three ways you can get involved to make a difference. Sponsor the ScienceOnline conference. The digital influencers you’re so anxious to engage will be at ScienceOnline in North Carolina or watching the conversations via Twitter, etc. By sponsoring, you’ll be reaching them as well as helping a good cause, as better science communication positively impacts the industry and us all personally. Check out the sponsorship opportunities and email Karyn Traphagen for more information. It would be a great way to spend that extra end of the year budget you have. Local Watch Parties. The ScienceOnline conference in North Carolina is so popular that there’s a long waiting list. Local watch parties are being organized to both fill this void and also to help this movement to flourish with more face to […]

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Who’s Talking About ScienceOnline? Interactive Map Of 1000 #Scio13 Twitterers

View Larger Map We’re a big fan of ScienceOnline, the yearly conference which brings together bloggers, journalists, educators, and anyone interested in the great science that is being done online. With the help of some other enthusiasts in Southern California, we are forming a local chapter and will host some events in conjunction with the San Diego Biotechnology Network (follow @sciosocal for updates). We wanted to find local Twitterers who might be interested in this endeavor, and analyzed around 5300 Tweets from about 1300 people using the hashtag since December of last year (even though the conference does not take place until January 2013, the hashtag is used to continue the conversation year round). We were able to find and map the location of a little over 1000 of the Twitterers, and they are shown in the interactive map (see a little more ‘how to’ information here). View the map on Google to see an alphabetized list as well. Each person Tweeted #scio13 at least once, and since we’re just over 1000 people, the limit for Google Maps, you can download the KML file and view it on Google Earth if you’d like to see the last few (sorry Z’s!). […]

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