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Sound Bytes: Links and Tips For Life Science Marketing & Social Media 10/14/2010

Here is our latest collection of links and tips for life science marketing and social media: Life Technologies launches Invitrogen Select, a publication alert aggregator. As we’ve talked about here, research publications are the ‘glue’ that tie life science researchers together, and LIFE is ingeniously tapping into this with it’s new Invitrogen Select website and service. Researchers can sign up for publication alerts in a variety of fields, and LIFE adds an unobtrusive text advertisement at the end of the publication titles. It’s a nice tool for researchers because it is difficult to set up Pubmed alerts which all appear in one email. How to build a social media cheat sheet for any topic. This is brilliant and self explanatory, I highly suggest doing it to become an expert on any life science topic and/or to generate content for your social media campaigns. If you don’t feel as though you have the time, check out our Custom RSS service, we can generate daily emails for you. The buzz is all about Quora right now… Quora is a site everyone’s talking about, it is a ‘clearing house’ of questions and answers for any topic. It looks like it will be good […]

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