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5 Lessons Life Science Marketers Can Learn From Presidential Campaigns

I watched President Obama’s speech last night and was amazed by his presence and vision, and since 2008 I’ve been following him through various channels such as email, Twitter, and Facebook. Indeed, his 2008 campaign strategy was covered in Seth Godin’s ‘Tribes’ book and is a great example of using digital media to engage and enlist followers. Regardless of the outcome of the 2012 election, the activities of both candidates are worth studying with an eye towards life science marketing, and we review the most important lessons here. Messaging is important. By now you all know three words that the Obama campaign have used to brand their last two campaigns: Hope, Change, and Forward. Hmmmm, what are the messages of the other candidates? I can’t remember them. Identifying succinct messaging is vital for branding your company and products to your customer, helping all employees communicate a consistent message. Read twice, publish once. Mitt Romney’s campaign was lampooned for having 3 copy editing errors in a space of a few weeks. Obviously, these mistakes reflect negatively on the campaign, especially when the opposition gets wind of them. While your biggest competitor is unlikely to point out your errors, it still affects […]

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Understand Life Science Customers Better With Do-It-Yourself Infographics

Previously we talked about creating personas and avatars to help life science marketers understand the people who buy their company’s products. Personas are descriptions of customers which help in understanding their likes, dislikes, and needs. Infographics are images which use visual elements to depict data, and by using them for personas, they provide an easy reference guide for your team to use for everything from product development to content generation. Here, we show you how to use an online tool and our template to create an infographic persona for your life science customers. We found an application called in beta form and were happy to learn that the company is from our hometown, San Diego. We should mention that it was evident that the tool is in its early phase as there are several glitches. The tool allows you to place their graphics or your own and resize, place, and color them. We wanted more options, such as the ability to create graphs, more fonts and more colors, but we were able to create a simple infographic which also serves as a template. We created a generic and fictitious profile for a set of customers for life science consumables […]

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Using Personas and Avatars to Better Understand Customers

We’ve talked a lot about customer-facing marketing in the Biotechnology Marketing 101 Blog. As we’ve discussed, it is vital these days to understand who your customer is so that you can build a relationship with them, rather than relying on the old-school methods of broadcast marketing. This relationship will benefit more than just your bottom line–you’ll find that you will get much more feedback from customers who you engage. The first step to building a relationship with your customer, so that you can meet their needs, is to truly understand who they are and what their daily challenges are. One way is to create a customer ‘persona’ which describes the age range, occupation, education level, and other qualities important for ‘putting yourself in their shoes’ to understand their needs. In addition, most social media strategies should start from the customers’ perspective, so it’s a good way to get started. You may also find that after you start, you’ll realize that more than one persona is needed. We’ve created a template (.PPT file) to help you define your customer personas. The template will guide you through the process of defining each of your customer types, from their demographics to their daily […]

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