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Can Bloggers and Life Science Companies Form Partnerships? Our Session at ScienceOnline 2011 #scio11

Last weekend I attended the ScienceOnline 2011 conference in North Carolina and it was amazing. 250 Bloggers, authors, educators, and journalists, all with a passion for online science, getting together ‘unconference‘ style to discuss the status and the future of communication in this medium. While I had a fantastically fun time, I was there to help understand how to bridge life science companies and bloggers. My interview with Science in the Triangle and the slideshare presentation (with audio) from the session are both below and describe our goals and progress at the conference. Brian Krueger from LabSpaces and Kristy Meyer from Sigma helped with planning and surveys we did in preparation for our Sunday session, and they led a related session on Saturday (their summaries of the Saturday session are linked to their names). Tricia Kenny from Life Technologies also helped with planning but was unable to attend. We had a small crowd, likely due to the fact that we were opposite a popular session about science blog networks. I was told by several bloggers and blog network managers that they really wanted to come and have a lot of interest in hearing the outcome, so I’m very optimistic about […]

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Sound Bytes: Tips For Life Science Marketing & Social Media 9/16/2010

We’re starting something new here, inspired by our friends Mike Spear and Walter Jessen, who each provide posts with useful links and summaries regularly. Our ‘flavor’ will be focused on life science & biotech marketing and social media, all meant to keep you up to speed on the interesting things we’ve found during the week. We’re documenting all of the links on the bookmark sharing site Delicious under the ‘soundbytes‘ tag, so you can always reference them (and even sign up for RSS updates–look for the orange RSS symbol). You’ll note that there are many bookmarks there now…we’ve had this in the works for a while. Without further ado, here are our first Sound Bytes! Google Announces ‘Caffeine,’ a new ‘as it happens’ search engine feature. This link’s a bit outdated, but very important, so I’m including it. Google may be feeling pressure from more timely searches available from Twitter, and introduced this new feature which indexes a ‘subsection of the internet’ quickly. What does this mean for you? We talk about in our workshops and training that search engines love dynamic websites, and this new feature turns this affection up to 11. Which ‘subsection of the internet’ do they […]

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What Life Science Social Media Marketers Can Learn From ScienceBlogs’ ‘PepsiGate’

Recently, science blogging’s clear leader, ScienceBlogs, with up to 1.2 million unique monthly visitors (estimate, April, lost several top science bloggers due to their initial decision to allow Pepsico, Inc. to host a blog called Food Frontiers on the site (it has since been taken off the site). Although the blog was intended to showcase real Pepsico scientists, several of the bloggers felt the decision to be disingenuous, perhaps due to its ‘corporate speak’ feel and ties between soda drinks and bad health. While it is unfortunate that so many bloggers left, there are important lessons that can be learned by life science companies, who also need to determine how best to leverage social media to realize business objectives. Transparency is not enough. Much has been written about PepsiGate, I will not get go into detail here, but great reviews can be found by searching Delicious for the PepsiGate or sbfail tags. Basically, ScienceBlogs founders made the assumption that a blog about food from Pepsico, if clearly defined as such, would be acceptable on the site, which had built a reputation of scientific integrity through content from world class bloggers. Our STIR Social Media system describes why this is […]

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