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How To Use An iPad When It’s Not In Your DNA

Probably like many people in biotech, I’ve had a mixed history with computers, starting with Macs in academia, then moving to PCs at a company. I now find myself gravitating to Mac devices as the phone and tablet options appear to suit my needs better. Moving straight from a PC to an iPad has left me feeling as though I’m missing something, like there are tricks that Mac users have that I don’t know about. After testing different applications, I’ve been able to ‘catch up,’ to some extent, so I’m offering my iPad tips for PC users below. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you have as well, please leave them in the comments below. Learn how to cut and paste. Just like in kindergarten, this is an important skill to learn on the iPad, and something that will drive you crazy when you first get it. The copying and pasting feature is done solely using the touchscreen and sometimes requires some finesse, I’ll point you to this video to show you the details. One thing that frustrates me to no end is that when I copy passwords from a document a space is sometimes added at the end, and […]

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