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Comprendia and New England Biolabs Announce EpiExperts Social Media Application for Epigenetics Researchers

You may have seen our announcement a few months ago here about the web 2.0 application we built with New England Biolabs (NEB). We formally announced it with them today, check out the press release for more information and contact us with any questions. NEB is a fantastic company to work with and we are getting great traction on EpiExperts, please check it out and let us know what you think!

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Small-Scale Survey Suggests Life Science Companies Will Significantly Increase Social Media Advertising in 2011

A recent survey of life science marketers found that 52% plan to increase their level of new and social media advertising in 2011. The study, conducted by life science consulting firm Comprendia LLC, was comprised of thirty-three respondents working in the non-FDA regulated sector, dealing with products for research use only. When asked which social media applications were most utilized, Twitter and Facebook were the top results, with 58% and 39% using them daily or one or two times a week, respectively. Respondents indicated that social media monitoring is also prevalent, with more than 60% indicating they track mentions of their brand on social networks. The long term effects of these trends are unclear, but it is possible that increased interaction between these life science companies, their customers, and independent science communicators portends the development of better products and increased progress in biotechnology research. 2011 Life Science Social Media Marketing Survey January 2011 View more presentations from Mary Canady. Download the PDF of the presentation. These results indicate a shift from traditional, broadcast marketing such as print advertisements and even online banners to new, more engaging methods such as social networks and blogs. Are life science marketers fully ready for […]

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How To DIY Your Biotech Press Release

Optimize your biotech press release coverage by following these tips on writing, distributing, and promoting life science company news.

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Need Life Science Social Media Content? Let Us Create A Custom RSS Feed For You

We stress the importance of good content in our training and workshops, it is the cornerstone of a successful life science or biotechnology social media strategy. Content can be fully original, such as a blog post written by one of your company’s scientists about their research, or you can share links, news, presentations from others on third party applications such as Twitter or LinkedIn, as long as you credit them properly. Both original and shared content benefit from reviewing updates from the web or social networks regularly, and a good way to do this is through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. RSS feeds do the work for you, telling you when content all over the web is updated, and we can create a customized feed for you based on your needs. See this example of a drug discovery blogs feed we created, or the San Diego Biotech News feed. The information can also be sent as email. Just fill out the Custom Life Science RSS form and we’ll do the rest! We think you’ll also find that a custom feed will help you stay on top of your industry, whether you’re in R&D or Marketing. As always, contact us if […]

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