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Getting More Out Of Your Life Science Network

© bmljenny on Flickr I was recently looking through my contacts for a specific reason and found many opportunities in other areas, and I also learned more about the status of my network on several levels. Our networks are becoming increasingly important for our professional success, present and future, and they are in a sense ‘living’ so we should tend to them regularly to keep them alive and thriving. I thought about the benefits of tending to my network periodically, say quarterly, and here are my suggestions for the process. Make a list of opportunity areas. Start by identifying all of the areas which you’re looking for opportunities or need growth in. For example, it could be prospecting for your own business or for your clients or colleagues. By now, you know it’s all about karma, so try to think of some ways you could help others. Also think about events that are coming up that you might meet someone at, topics you’d like to learn more about, and areas in which you’d like to improve your network. Make a list of contact lists. If you’re like me, your contacts don’t just exist in one application. Think about places like […]

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Help Yourself!

At least four times this week I’ve been asked by someone for help and I’ve politely declined. It’s true that I have a large network and knowledge that comes from years of experience in the industry, and do help people quite a bit. However, I see many people who don’t realize how much they can achieve on their own these days, and think that in some cases it’s better in the long run to show them how and why they should take more initiative. Here’s a short list of the benefits of ‘helping yourself,’ with examples of the many ways we are all more empowered now. Notoriety. Often people ask ‘can you post this news on your LinkedIn group,’ not realizing that they can post it themselves. What’s the benefit for them to post it? If the news is interesting and relevant to the group, they’ll get some ‘good karma’ from group members for pointing out something useful, and expand their reach. Regardless of your motives, being more well known is a benefit (with the exception of those in the witness protecion program ;). Opportunity. Together with Notoriety, much opportunity comes when you help yourself. Take the example of posting […]

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Growing Social Media Networks: Just Add Water?

While preparing a ‘Social Media 101’ presentation, I started to think about an analogy for growing a network to planting a seed, and it fit really well. A well cultivated social media network can be like a crop of plants that ‘do the work’ for the farmer. Remember, however, that the success relies on the farmer’s knowledge and hard work. If properly cultivated, however, social media networks can be a very powerful way to engage your customers and worth more than any type of broadcast advertising you can pay for. Personally growing social networks has taught us some things that may help you, so here are our guidelines for success. Know your seed. We all know that plants grow in certain conditions, and this is the first consideration to be made. Choice of the soil, sunlight, and season are all important and based on the type of seed you’re planting. For social networks, you must consider what types people you’d like to help you grow your network. What do they like, need, and how can you reach them? Knowing your ‘seed’ means doing market research, which may include interviews/polls and some legwork to understand how your potential participants are currently […]

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Your Network: Are You Connecting, or Collecting?

Yes, I am a networking and social media zealot. You name it, I’m doing it, or it’s on my list of things to do. I estimate that through LinkedIn, Twitter, and the SDBN, my personal social media reach is around 5,000, meaning that I can apprise that many biotechnology professionals of a relevant message quickly. While this network is very valuable to me, and the number is obviously significant, we all need to keep in mind that our networks are made of real people that we should connect with, not items that we should simply collect, assigning too much significance to the numbers. Your network is made of people who are likely doing interesting things every day, why not connect with them as often as possible? You never know when a new opportunity will result for both of you. In addition, you’ll stay on top of what is happening in your industry, which benefits you in many ways. While it’s true that your knowledge will be directly proportional to the size of your network, the quality of your contacts should be foremost. Building a relevant, quality network will help you to stay connected, as you’ll find that you have more […]

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