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Choosing A Head Shot And Images To Communicate Your Life Science Messaging

I recently had head shots taken on a very hectic trip to Seattle, and I was not as prepared as I would have liked to have been. Thankfully, with the help of a great photographer and my sister helping me to prepare, I got some good shots which weren’t in the style I had intended. Head shots and other imagery associated with your brand, personal or corporate, should match your company’s position and messaging, which you should explicitly define internally. Choices made by your employees, including images for marketing materials and head shots, will then more clearly portray the value of your life science brand. Larger companies may have a style or content guide which indicates the messaging, voice, and imagery that the company uses. For smaller companies like Comprendia, I’ll admit we don’t have a formal document because we are relatively small and I thought I understood and could communicate it clearly. However, when excellent photographer Connie Riggio asked me what I wanted the pictures to convey, I stumbled a bit. I know the mission and messaging of Comprendia, how we help companies communicate their value, yet I was struggling to explain it because I am too busy and […]

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