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Who’s Talking About ScienceOnline? Interactive Map Of 1000 #Scio13 Twitterers

View Larger Map We’re a big fan of ScienceOnline, the yearly conference which brings together bloggers, journalists, educators, and anyone interested in the great science that is being done online. With the help of some other enthusiasts in Southern California, we are forming a local chapter and will host some events in conjunction with the San Diego Biotechnology Network (follow @sciosocal for updates). We wanted to find local Twitterers who might be interested in this endeavor, and analyzed around 5300 Tweets from about 1300 people using the hashtag since December of last year (even though the conference does not take place until January 2013, the hashtag is used to continue the conversation year round). We were able to find and map the location of a little over 1000 of the Twitterers, and they are shown in the interactive map (see a little more ‘how to’ information here). View the map on Google to see an alphabetized list as well. Each person Tweeted #scio13 at least once, and since we’re just over 1000 people, the limit for Google Maps, you can download the KML file and view it on Google Earth if you’d like to see the last few (sorry Z’s!). […]

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Where Are The Science Communicators? Interactive Map of 1000+ #SciComm Twitterers

View Larger Map In anticipation of our science communication event this month, we’ve been thinking about the topic which is discussed using the #SciComm hashtag on Twitter. We started looking at more than 5000 Twitter status updates tagged with #SciComm from the last nine months and found that the group is scientifically diverse but singular in their passion to improve the way information is exchanged. Because #SciComm is not a high volume hashtag, commercial tools to find users aren’t sufficient, so we looked to our own data and some publicly available tools. We created an interactive map of 1000+ Twitterers using the #SciComm hashtag and present the some of the data here. We used the Google Maps API and Yahoo Pipes to create what’s called a KML (Keyhole Markup Language, a type of XML) file from the biographies of every Twitterer who has used the #SciComm hashtag since last June, and this was used to generate the interactive map. We’ve tried in the past to follow Twitterer locations using the geotags on the status updates, but only a small percentage of people use them, so they were not efficacious. The data needed to be manipulated a bit more to provide […]

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