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If A Tweet Falls In The Forest? Maximizing Twitter Engagement Through Time Of Day Analysis

You may have seen data or applications which tell you what time of day that you should post Twitter status updates for maximal effect because people are more likely to see and share your Tweets. I’ve always wondered whether to follow this advice, because I had a feeling each user’s Twitter community is ‘tuned’ to the times in which they Tweet and also dependent on factors such as time zone, etc. Here is a brief analysis of the time of day I tweet as Comprendia and the replies I receive, along with recommendations based on the analysis and general guidelines for using timing to improve Twitter engagement and exposure. We used our own Twitter analysis software and data to determine the time of day (in US Pacific Time) status updates were posted during a 6 month period (January 14-July 14 2012) and the data are graphed in the figure in this post. On average, the maximum number of hourly Tweets from the Comprendia account (blue line) occurs between 7-8 a.m., with another peak between 4-5 p.m. For the replies to Comprendia, we tracked all tweets containing “@Comprendia,” including retweets and replies. Perhaps not surprisingly, the peaks in the replies to […]

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