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Why You Should Join The Association Of Commercial Professionals – Life Sciences

Why You Should Join The Association Of Commercial Professionals - Life Sciences

Comprendia’s 5th anniversary is this month (look for a celebration later this year) and it’s very interesting to see the changes that have happened since our founding in 2008. At that time, we sensed a need for a network for life science marketing professionals and started the Biotech Marketing Group on LinkedIn. The group is a great place to get information and to network and we’ve made a lot of great connections there, including the founders of the Association of Commercial Professionals — Life Sciences. The ACP-LS shares our goals to connect and support life science marketing, sales, customer and technical service professionals and we are happy to be contributors to their blog and speaking at their September 2013 conference. They’ve provided our colleagues a special rate on both the conference and membership*, and here are the reasons you should join: Learn. Life science marketers are often well trained in the science behind the products they manage or sell, sometimes leaving less time to learn the fundamentals of the commercial side. ACP-LS provides many opportunities to learn about life science marketing, sales, leadership, and training strategies with an active blog, web resources, the conference, and plans to implement training programs. […]

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Biotech and Social Media, Part I

You’ve surely noticed it in other areas–the news is chock full of stories about how businesses are using social media to get ahead. What about using social media in the biotechnology or life sciences industry to help your business to grow? Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that Biotech’s presence is lagging behind other industries in most social media. Searching “biotech” in Facebook and Twitter gives a small number of results compared to other industries, and most of the bookmarking sites don’t even have a biotechnology category (we’ll define these media below). The good news is that now is the time to get active in this media, so that you can get traction now before the competition discovers how useful it is. Besides further engaging your customers (a la Web 2.0), you can also use it to increase your web traffic by improving your search engine ranking. We plan to publish several blog articles in our Marketing 101™ series on using social media to grow your business. Social media can be described as split up into the 4 C’s: Context, Contacts, Communication, and Collaboration. There is a broad range of applications and a lot […]

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