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Bootstrapping Biotech: SDBN’s October 29th Event

If you’ve been following along with the Biotechnology Marketing 101 blog series, you know that we provide guidance for life science and biotech companies to start and grow. We’re taking this from virtual to IRL (in real life ;) at our October 29th Bootstrapping Biotech event with the San Diego Biotechnology Network. We’ve lined up some excellent speakers who will cover everything from getting funded to strategic and tactical marketing and social media for your company or products. We’ve had a lot of interest so far, even outside of San Diego, and really think that a lot of great, synergistic connections will be made at the event. Even if you don’t work at a small company, we think you’ll be able to learn and meet those who can help you make the most out of your marketing budget. As always, we’re open to feedback as to what you’d like to see–leave a comment here or on the SDBN site.

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My Grandmother Out-Tweets Your Biotech

Voice of San Diego’s summary of Biocom’s Sept. 23rd ‘Social Media 2.0’ panel, featuring insight and quotes from Comprendia founder Mary Canady. Discusses the Biotechnology industry’s limited use of social media. [[Click to read.]]

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WHITECOAT Strategies and Comprendia Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement to Better Target Key Opinion Leaders, Patients, and Advocates

We’re very pleased to announce a strategic partnership with WHITECOAT Strategies, a Washington, DC-based public relations firm specializing in the use of new media and online video for clients with innovative science, are announcing their recently formed strategic partnership. The alliance will bring integrated video, social media, and strategic PR to life science companies for the first time, allowing them to communicate important scientific concepts more effectively. Please see the full release for more information, and we’d love to hear what you think!

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BIO 2009 Spotlight: Innovation in Ireland: Merrion Pharmaceuticals

I spent part of Monday morning in the Ireland Pavilion (#3303) talking with them about the biotechnology they’re highlighting at the BIO convention, as well as the region as well. I spoke with Jonathan O’Connell, Chief Financial Officer of Ireland’s Merrion Pharmaceuticals, about the announcement they made last week (PDF) regarding preliminary results on Orazol™, a tablet formulation of the Novartis drug Zometa®. The company acquired a unique drug delivery technology from Elan in 2004 which boosts absorption in the intestine. As a result, therapeutics that are normally given only by injection can be formulated as tablets, leading to many benefits, including safer treatment, less pain, and improved pharmaeconomics. At BIO 2009, Merrion is focused on partnering their Phase 2 compounds, and continues to develop and seek out therapeutics which are amenable to their technology, including, notably, insulin, which they are working on with Novo Nordisk. Personally, I found the technology to be very promising and I suggest that you seek them out in the Ireland Pavilion. I also spoke with Sean Davis from Enterprise Ireland (EI), which ‘fosters’ companies like Merrion in their early development phase. Davis says that EI has been around for 35 years and currently takes […]

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San Diego Biotechnology Network to Feature Sapphire Energy at November Event

The San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN), a new professional organization, announced its inaugural networking event will feature a meet-and-greet with Sapphire Energy, a San Diego-based green crude production company. SDBN was formed by two local marketing professionals, Mary Canady of Comprendia, LLC and Todd Backus of Blue Horse & Trumpet to meet the need for more face–to-face networking among Biotechnology professionals in the San Diego area, via casual, bi-monthly after-work events. SDBN events will feature a local company that represents the excitement and innovation of the San Diego biotechnology industry, and will provide a venue for their team to connect with the community in a casual atmosphere. SDBN’s choice of Sapphire Energy reflects the overwhelming interest that the biotechnology community has for the company and its technology. Sapphire Energy was founded to address the overwhelming inadequacies of current biofuel approaches. The company has built a revolutionary platform using sunlight, CO2 and microorganisms such as algae to produce renewable fuel products – gasoline, jet fuel and diesel – that meet ASTM standards. The final product is not ethanol or biodiesel. Sapphire is led by a team of entrepreneurs and experts in cell biology, plant genomics and algal production, as well as […]

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Comprendia Announces New BioStartup Marketing Kits to Facilitate Growth of Biotechnology Startup Companies

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwire – September 24, 2008) – Comprendia, a newly formed biotechnology and life sciences marketing consulting firm, is announcing the launch of BioStartup Marketing Kits, which will help biotechnology startups obtain the marketing they need to grow. The kits will enable the new companies to easily obtain the materials they need to launch, allowing their management to focus on other vital activities. BioStartup Marketing Kits are designed to meet the specialized needs of biotechnology companies, including materials and services such as website design, logo and branding, brochures, public relations, and social media. This announcement comes at a time when biotechnology firms are touted as being a “safe haven” for investors during the current financial crisis. Large pharmaceutical and venture capital companies are investing in biotech companies to re-fill drug pipelines and provide novel tools for drug discovery. Additionally, the restructuring of large pharmaceutical companies has spawned a host of new drug discovery startups, founded by former big pharma employees. Choosing the right marketing strategy is essential to the success of these new, largely unknown businesses, because it not only determines their image and direction, but also their ability to raise money and recruit top scientists. “We see a […]

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